Here’s us looking lovely in our new t-shirts. Get yours on New Year’s Eve for only £9.99 at The Sportsman, Wadsley.


3 thoughts on “Morfitt Band T-Shirts

  1. Its good to know the guys are still doing the rounds,

    Their refusal to back me at the Bramall Lane gig was a bit disappointing but the E Street band muddled through on the day.

    B Springsteen (Boss)

  2. I saw them at all four of their live gigs before they became a supergroup and went into the reclusive world of the Pink Floyd’s Crosby Stills Nash and Rolf Harris ideologies.

    All of these finished their careers leaning against bars and i have seen lead singer Ken Simmons following a similar path as he slalomed home after the new year gig.

    They have not charted in the Ukraine since Double ended Dildo and both fans are desperate for news.

    In the new year gig cover of “Rock in all over the world” they upstaged Status Quo and evev Francis Rossi agreed that the reduction in status of status Quo as a result of the demise of Rick Parfitt meant the depleted original line up by fifty percent presented problems but that the Moffitt version had em rock in all over Wisewood,

    Not since Bowie and Jagger have the Wisewooders been dancing in the street.

    My dad failed an audition for Moffitt but to use his words he is not bitter about these sad talentless bastards .

    Bianca Jagger

  3. My dad said that Moffitt would have inspired him to site Imagine if they had been around before he wrote it.

    He has also told me via ouija board and Doris Stokes that he sincerely hopes that he was the inspiration to write double ended dildo and has njo objection to the use of Yoko Ono in any future re writes,

    Julian Lennon

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