Story of Morfitt

Forming originally in or around Christmas of 2017 under original name of Dick Flange and the vinegar strokes, the father and son team and a few friends first performed in the Holly Bush at Rivelin. That event was captured for posterity and a number of the covers performed included Urban Spaceman, Baker Street and many others plus the first public airing of The Dragons’ Den song which enjoyed a number of Youtube hits.

As often happens with better known bands, musical differences were to see changes in the line-up, in the case of the vinegar strokes the musical differences often occurred during the same song and something was bound to give. There was no authority figure to take decisions so all those who were sacked countered by sacking their sacker and it was decided that with no other options available that re-forming was the only way forward.

The band have performed to audiences ranging from zero to near zero although a method of fiddling the audience numbers could easily be achieved by reducing the band members pro rata. If someone ceased to play or sing, then he was immediately re graded as audience.

The band in various formats and line ups toured care homes in the North of Sheffield and enjoyed a degree of success before being discovered by the lead singer’s youngest son who had an up market amplifier and was prepared to lend it to dad.

This was to open the door to bigger venues but there was acrimony amongst the players because the amp only had 2 inputs which various band members squabbled over.  Sniping and vitriol and that encouraged the band to re-focus on creativity and to seek out a second amplifier and a ladybird guitar tutorbook.

A re-naming of the band ensued and so Morfitt was born.

The name was taken from a retro event originating from Ecclesfield police station where a PC Morfitt had accepted the reporting of a crime and solved and punished the culprit in under 24 hours and had secured the express service in a double crewed police attendance at 10,30pm at night.

Arriving on the doorstep with the coppers knock and pre-prepared paperwork of a conviction without trial or statement or evidence or any of the obvious policy procedure stuff he delivered his verdict like Simon Cowell in the judges houses round. Strutting like a copper who had followed through, our midnight Jehovah witness delivered his harassment notice like a Jehovas witness delivers a watchtower.

Like Thor delivers his lightning bolt – No ifs, no buts, no right of reply, no prisoners taken, no active braincells detectable.

The competence levels of this copper and the band seemed to be in true harmony and after excluding other possible band names which befitted Morfitt like shit for brains and dick head a decision was taken to name the band after him and so Morfitt superseded Dick Flange and the vinegar strokes.

The accolades of having a band named after an individual are few and far between in pop history although it is believed that Her majesty The Queen was particularly chuffed when Brian May, Fred Mercury, Roger Taylor and John Deacon took their decision.

Morfitt set up a practice base at The Sportsman on Wadsley Lane to rehearse for the upcoming tour of Wisewood which ironically would start and end at The Sportsman on Wadsley Lane.

The marketing division has re-invested the royalties from the dragons’ den song to buy promotional T-shirts and a tambourine as the band continues to grow in popularity.